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Monday, June 12, 2006

Spotted these young Hmong dancers around 9th and Hennepin for the Mosaic Festival. I complimented their flashy costumes. They told me they hand-sew them.

Right now, it's that "sweet light" time of day, when the United Methodist church in my neighborhood turns all these glorious shades of dark yellow and orange, that combined with the shadows -- it makes the church and its spires look like something right out of Medieval times. I'm looking right now and I see some people up near the belfry...how odd? I've never seen anyone up there before. Maybe if you become a member you get a sneak peak at the bells, like a members only perk? Some officials from that church kept calling me late last year, asking me to come to a service (trying to convert me or something?) because I was complaining on e-mail that their "no war" signs that they held on neon-colored posterboard were prompting too much honking along the avenue where I live and I liked to sleep in on a Sunday, so could they limit their peace demos to a new place and time? I don't think they appreciated that, but I'd burn in hell if I can catch a few more moments of shut eye on my day off. They've since stopped, so perhaps I converted them?


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