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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I was on the bike trails today when I came across an interesting formation on this tree. Not sure what the bulbous matter is but it resembled broccoli.

I got a chance to stop at two beaches and trek through some really dense trails around Cedar Lake today. Prior to the nature spree, I took in Frank Big Bear's work at Todd Bockley's gallery in Kenwood. Amazing stuff. Go see www.bockleygallery.com for more info. Late last year I had the pleasure of seeing Frank's son's work at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. Star Wallowing Bull is his name and his work is equally as breathtaking. Both work in colored pencil and they utilize it in the most saturated and vibrant way.

Going back to the beaches note: Cedar Lake (southeast corner of the lake) is not bad, no lifeguard, a little rocky, but clean for a public beach and not too crowded. Hidden Beach was kind of full, and much to my dismay, no nudity or potsmoking, as it's so famous for. Hippie boys outnumber the women andI didn't spot too many little kids, if screaming and splashing are not your thing. I encountered several very secluded spots along the trails, where one could pull up a book and take it easy, which is just what I did on a dock where two young boys were fishing.


At 7:03 PM, Blogger St0ne said...

it's called burl, depending what type of wood it is it can be worth a mint and that one is huge, your not allowed to just cut it off though, have to wait for the tree to naturally die or be legally cut down.


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