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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here's the inside of the Alligator Car Trunk that I got a sneak peak inside at the Minneapolis Mosaic Arts Festival. You might see this guy's art car driving around town, but the inside is even cooler. Framed pics, reptiles, rhinestones -- all around weird, cool, stuff. I spoke to the car owner briefly, this wacky art guy who concocted his machine, piece by piece. I was curious to know how much his car was worth, as he told he had to rebuild the engine again. He couldn't say, but let's just say, like one of those Kodak silly commercials...priceless. He probably thought I was some adjuster, but really, this car is one amazing piece of art on wheels. He loves to have people check it out.

It was an interesting weekend, indeed. I strolled home, past the Mpls Sculpture Garden to catch some of Catch the Flag, organized by Matt Bakkom. I happened upon a few hundred eager and anxious souls who were involved in the game. It was the adult version of hide-n-seek, and sanctioned from the powers that be, as they don't oftentimes let 200 people run around in there when it's dark. It was cool to see all these kids, the red and blue teams, running to-and-fro in the Garden, darting around, getting aggressive, getting into the spirit of the game. I caught two love-birds near the Cowles Garden making out, which is what I eagerly expected when you're trying to break out of the other team's prison.

I was heading home when some drunk man who kept telling me his name was Dean Koontz struck up a lively conversation with me. People here tend to keep to themselves so when some oddball does get chatty, I find it amusing. He wondered why the saying "cute as a button" exists...wondering if there are cute buttons. I didn't have an answer so I pondered and walked on. On my exit, the drunkard complimented me on my hair, so hey, I'll take what I can get.


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