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Friday, June 02, 2006

Does bimbo mean something different in Spanish? I saw this truck parked in front of a Mexican supermarket and found it funny and strange. Who's the marketing genius who said "Let's put a bear above the name Bimbo. That'll sell a ton of bakery items."

What's up with the people who honk needlessly at people on bikes? I mean, I don't take up that much space on the road and I obey all the road rules. I had some chick in a fat ass SUV honking like a nutjob at me tonight. It does rile me up but I don't want to go head to head with a dum-dum, so I try to pedal onward, snickering at the part where I can pedal faster than her white Escalade that cost her a mint. That's the best part when I beat someone to a light when I'm on just a mere hybrid two-wheeler. Put that in your gas tank and smoke it.


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