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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who knew the Big K incorporated a cool mural on the backside of their building? Unless you enter onto the Greenway from Nicollet, you would never see this beauty.

The Greenway bikepath is one of the best places to be in the city on a sunny, weekday. There's little bike and foot traffic and Vera's Garden is one of the best spots to think. Yesterday's excursion was enough to make me consider phoning into work with a sudden ailment, but duty called and luckily coming in around 11 am got me some prime time outside. There's some restaurant along that path, closer to Uptown that has the BEST smell coming from it. The smell permeates the path, so when I find out who's creating this scent, I'll report further.

Along my journey to get to work, I snuck into Steeple People. Sometimes that place has some fantastic deals. I was eyeing a cool tray there earlier this week that was in their window display, and to my dismay, it was gone. Ya gotta be quick! This is the one small problem with walking or biking to work, you notice more, you stop more, you buy more. If more people walked/biked, imagine how that could boost our economy? Why aren't the economists talking to me?

The Mpls Central Library is opening this Sunday. I am so excited. The design has people talking but from the advance tours and tidbits I'm hearing, it should be a spectacle to behold. Hey, the bus is free tomorrow, so save your precious gas fumes and hop on for a free ride.


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