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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No pictures today. Today is Bunny's b-day and that means pure decadence and enjoying life to the fullest. No work, no worries, no stresses...just pure enjoyable good times with myself and other friends. Tomorrow's a different story, but for one day each year, there is nothing wrong in the universe, just fun and frolic.

Upon reflection on another year on the planet, I wish to change many things, but change has to begin slowly. Today I apologized to someone for my misinterpretation of a series of events. As I get older, I realize I need to be accountable for my actions and apologize when I f-up. I strive to be better, but there are those moments when I act hastily. Thankfully I've been forgiven and can put this to rest and feel a bit more free.

So cheers to this day and I am signing off to watch the glorious sunset and soak in these precious spring moments.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I keep seeing this artist's work on various dumpsters, electrical boxes, and public areas around town. I even saw one along the Greenway bikepath near Cedar, so it's spreading.

Glorious sunshine. What beautiful, if not slightly hot weather?! I don't mind hot. I am making strides to turn on the air conditioner, but something about being hot for a change...it is a long-forgotten but great feeling.

Cedar Lake felt exhilerating, once you get over that initial jolt to your senses. It was great to be on the beach, being a bum. These are the best days of the year.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who knew the Big K incorporated a cool mural on the backside of their building? Unless you enter onto the Greenway from Nicollet, you would never see this beauty.

The Greenway bikepath is one of the best places to be in the city on a sunny, weekday. There's little bike and foot traffic and Vera's Garden is one of the best spots to think. Yesterday's excursion was enough to make me consider phoning into work with a sudden ailment, but duty called and luckily coming in around 11 am got me some prime time outside. There's some restaurant along that path, closer to Uptown that has the BEST smell coming from it. The smell permeates the path, so when I find out who's creating this scent, I'll report further.

Along my journey to get to work, I snuck into Steeple People. Sometimes that place has some fantastic deals. I was eyeing a cool tray there earlier this week that was in their window display, and to my dismay, it was gone. Ya gotta be quick! This is the one small problem with walking or biking to work, you notice more, you stop more, you buy more. If more people walked/biked, imagine how that could boost our economy? Why aren't the economists talking to me?

The Mpls Central Library is opening this Sunday. I am so excited. The design has people talking but from the advance tours and tidbits I'm hearing, it should be a spectacle to behold. Hey, the bus is free tomorrow, so save your precious gas fumes and hop on for a free ride.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I found Eugene Ross II's wallet on the ground yesterday when I was riding to work. It was in the middle of the street, on Hennepin Ave, in one of the busiest intersections in the city. No cash, only a driver's license and some business cards.

I called 411 and no listing for him. I found a meal card that had been stamped many times, so I figured this might lead to something. Kozy Kitchen in Pine City knew Eugene, but school was out and no one was around. The old man who answered thought it was nice that I cared enough to call to track down Eugene about his missing wallet. I've lost too many wallets in the past, so I figured this would be good karma for later on.

The police just told me to drop it off at the downtown precinct. I wonder if Eugene is looking for this or if he got mugged and someone tossed it out? Now I'm rather curious what this leather wallet was doing in the middle of the street. Eugene lives up near Moorhead, so it's odd that his Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet was getting run over by morning traffic. Maybe this is a piece to some puzzle? I think I've been watching too many of those CSI shows.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Concretes from Sweden. I bow to thee, dearly.

This Swedish band rocked out and was so wonderful and heartfealt and dear. I might've been one of their oldest fans, but g.d, they have the harmonies and hooks and singular, deep moments down to a tee, that I can't boast more. Check these Swedish puppies out on iTunes and rock solid, which is exactly what I did at their show. I heart them and those harmonies, combined with the horns and keyboards. It made me yearn for lovesick days, spent hovered over a notebook, pouring my heart about my beau and my cat and my mum. They will be HUGE, well, more so with the Paxil crowd, butI gurantee you that London calls their name (which is where they are off to next) and makes them big and you'll be sorry you weren't one of the 60 people who knew them in the day. They were so sweet and tender, but these delicate Scandinavian lads and lasses understand the break up/love song very precisely. I love the lead singer's sexy, breathy vocals and what Peter kept saying was her "brownie uniform".

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Photo: The Atomic Living Room Project.

After an exhaustive few days of pelting rain, finally...a few moments of sunshine today to remind me that it's not always going to be a bleak, desolate place. I spent a lazy Friday afternoon tucked under goose and chenille, reinvestigating "Norwegian Wood" and enjoying the pure, decadent pleasure of a late afternoon deep nap. It was lovely as can be, especially when a little motor boat, a.k.a. my cat, was embedded into my armpit, happy to nuzzle and keep me warm. Aahhh...the simple pleasures.

Where the F*&^%! is Icebox Gallery? Went around in circles and squares and back again looking for that place with the f-ing Bob Dylan photo exhibition? Does it exist? I must really suck at directions or it's in the most obscure location EVER. Nothing frustrates me more than being lost, but now I'm on a mission to hunt down this place and never forget for future reference. Off to listen to Susana Baca's new CD, Travesias, and unwind, unplug, and page through a new fashion photo book I picked up. Cheerio.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her?

I caught this scene near an intersection on Hennepin Avenue last night on the way home from work. Yes, it's him again, up to some project or god knows what. The Artist Formerly Known as Scott Seekins was standing near rush hour traffic, in his white suit, in the pouring rain last night, with a cardboard sign that asked "Have you seen her?", while a photographer (not in the shot) was snapping pics. I saw Scott about a month ago, standing in the bus shelter, holding a cardboard sign and at that time I wondered if it was some ploy at getting attention, ie: starving artist working it on the street corners, or his schtick on all the homeless with signs in the area. I'm sure it raised a brow or two for the evening commuters. Hopefully he got a buck or two from passerbys.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

This owl ornament was set up on the side of an apartment building. It didn't make any sense in the spot where it was erected, but I appreciated some apartment dweller's attempt at a semblance of a mini sculpture garden. Perhaps the owl scares off breeding bunnies?

I was strolling home last night and noticed a beautiful ripe bush of sweet lilacs hanging heavily over my head. The blooms were lushly calling me from the sidewalk to pick them, at least that's what I thought I heard, but it couldv'e been the ringing in my ears from the earlier party. Nevertheless, I snapped several branches and wrapped them in my hands and marched home. Something about a woman carrying a handful of flowers when she's strutting down one of the main thoroughfares of town....it gets a few yells and honks. Not exactly the kind of attention I strive for, I should've known better, but I didn't want to duck onto dimly lit side streets. The fragrant purple blooms are sitting in a glass jar, nicely arranged on my windowsill. Is it wrong to pick bushes from the street? There are tons of lilacs all over my neighborhood, including the park, so curious if it's wrong to steal beauty in this manner?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Funny parking sign I found today.

I was walking home and was standing on a busy streetcorner, waiting for the crosswalk sign to change. A woman pushing the walk signal button said, "Hey, if you look behind you at the church...I give it 5 years". I turned to see a cheery Saturday Methodist wedding, guests gayly dressed in their spring colors with updos and ties. She went on to say, "Most marriages end in divorce, 5 in 10, so why do people still honor this institution?" I didn't really have something deep to add, but chimed in, "Oh well, at least if they get good gifts, that'll lessen the regrets". I found it odd that a normal-looking female struck up a conversation with me, it seemed so un-Minnesotan. I mean, people don't often strike up conversations with me on streetcorners unless they're a bit odd. She bid farewell after we exchanged a few pleasantries. Turned out she increased her stride and got several paces ahead of me and walked up the stairs to my building. It's so funny to know that for a moment we weren't strangers, but alas, we are. I don't think I'm completely disenchanted with the concept of marriage but I like the idea of a strong woman just saying what's on her mind. It's refreshing. Maybe it helps to tell strangers our deep thoughts and convictions?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sorry this picture is not so great. I happened upon it during my walk to the coffee shop this AM and thought it was cool. I may try to go back with my real camera and capture it better.

Last night while out, I ended up at my neighborhood watering hole, up near the front counter, a seat at the end. Luck would have it that the woman sitting next to me happened to be the woman who used to date my ex-beau before I did. I don't think she realized it was me, as my hair changed, I was wearing glasses. We had met before at a party, he introduced us to one another, and she was cool that I was now dating him. Cie la vie, all was fine. Well, that was until she kept calling him, late at night on the weekends, with the premise that she wanted to know when this supposed mix CD he promised her was coming out. There's a general understanding that your ex-girl shouldn't be ringing you late at night to chat when he's with someone new. I was fine with it at first, but her calls persisted, even after I asked him to tell her to buzz off. Nevertheless, she continued, and over time things unraveled, so I'm not with this guy any longer. It really irked me and I have seen this woman around at parties and art openings and never felt like mentioning it, as it's in the past, but somehow, it still bugs me that she was a clueless twit during that time. I kept wondering how it would play out if I turned to her and told her I thought she was a total moron, but opted not to be an instigator, and kept to myself, drank my wine and took off. Funny how things could have gone, but I'd rather think about it vs. acting on it in real life.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I found this guy strumming himself to the captive audience of the recycling bins, back by an apartment dumpster.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A tagger after my own heart.