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Sunday, April 30, 2006

This ironwork reminded me of yesterday's tag.

Today I saw two cars drive the wrong way down a very busy part of Hennepin Ave. How odd? This was during daylight, so not sure if the rain is causing people to drink heavily and drive, but that's my only guess. We got a bit spoiled last week with all the lovely weather, that this constant downpour is causing people to do crazy things.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wrath of The Deli Nazi

I keep seeing this image around town. It's a happy tag that doesn't seem like a lot of the random, crass grafitti.

What a crap, rainy day today, reminscient of London in October. Brrrr! I was making my way towards home and decided to stop into this deli to pick up a quick bite, as I was in a hurry before I had to run off to see a show tonight. It was kind of busy and this woman working at the deli appeared to be working solo. She got severely bent out of shape when I asked for some condiment, which meant she had to take a step back and throw it on. I realize some people like to stick to some defined order in the way they do things, as straying from the format it causes their brain to short circuit and steam comes out, but the way she reacted, you would have thought I requested her to scrap the previous sandwich and start over from scratch. I wasn't in the mood to have a showdown with this woman, as obviously her less-than-congenial attitude was triggered by stress, but c'mon lady, get over it. She wanted to make me suffer more, as if my request was that taxing, by taking her sweet ol' time wrapping up my sandwich to go, s-l-o-w-l-y ringing me up, acting like she had all the time in the world to linger and contemplate the connectivity of the universe (or lack thereof, in this case). I swear... one, I'll never return, as I don't like being reprimanded by someone comparable to The Soup Nazi, and second, the sandwich was sub-standard (get it?). Ohhh....groan. First time, last time...that's the mantra of a good friend and I'll use that for the moral of today's story.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cool car spotted on a rainy morning.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Me and my Arrow. (actually me and my shadow, but if you know "The Point" by Harry Neilsen, there's a song in it by this name).

Scott Seekins, the artist formerly known as himself, strolling down the avenue in his white costume and red flats. I thought the white came out after Memorial Day. Rebel.

Sorry, I don't have pics today. I just got so swamped and was riding my bike to-n-fro', which still made me take notice of various things, but not the keen observations that I attempt to make when I'm strolling along the avenues of this fair town.

I was noticing all these cool, chartreuse-colored leafy things piling up in the cracks of the street today, which looked like nature's confetti. I'm sure there are riddled with allergens and will send me straight to the medicine cabinet for a Claritin fix, but they look so cool, so wispy and colorful. I wish I had a whole bag to run my fingers through.

I also noticed more and more lost pets signs all over the 'hood but no pics. I am befuddled as to how any pet owner could really find their lost pet based on some black and white text, then sloppily stapled to a pole. I felt sad for all those people who didn't have pics of their little lovelies. I almost wonder if their pets packed up their rucksack based on lack of animal exposure. I would...I mean if you're cute, you need exposure.

I saw Jem Cohen's film, "Chain", which made me utterly depressed about American life -- everything looks the same when it comes to chain stores, suburbs, motels of this American pie. How bland, cold, and utterly void of feeling or thought. A real upbeat film! Run and see it now! Actually, Jem has an acute eye-- fixating for moments at a time on strange, surreal scenes. Something makes me think Jem walks a lot and notices the minutae of life. I went away realizing we fixate too much on our jobs and in the end, "Why?" -- it's important, but so it having a life. Damn if I'm going to the MegaSprawl for a while. Damn, if I'll be toiling until the wee hours at my cubicle.

On a completely different note, I met the Princess of Norway, who visited my workplace. My coworkers and I were a little unclear if we were supposed to address her as "m'aam" or "your Highness" or "Princess". In the end, she was a regular person, just said "hello my name is Martha Louise" and was sweet and gracious. She didn't wear a crown or any royal jewels, just a regular looking young woman with two children. I didn't cursty or bow, just a handshake. I'll have to bone up on my royalty protocol, as I'm not sure how it's all done.

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Springtime tulips -- short but sweet.

How would anyone find their cat this way?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Pig gargoyle near a Whittier brownstone.

Cool tag in Wedge neighborhood.

A storefront apartment with a penchant for Chicken Little and Buddha.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Springtime in Minneapolis

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here's an odd-shaped lemon that a Wedge employee crafted into a bear or some animal, courtesy of a permanent marker. This was sitting near the coffee area when I first stopped in around 2:30 pm. Later, I returned to the store to buy coffee and it had migrated to the seafood/meat area where a Wedge employee working behind the counter kissed this lovely lemon on the lips. I guess the meat/fish guys get lonely degutting shrimp all day. Sorry for the quality. It was taken with my cellphone camera due to forgetting the Canon at home.

The second shot we have here is a nice little ditty, oh mean titty pic from a wall near Arise! Bookstore. How quaint? Maybe I'll send that to Cindy Crawford, as she married a man who's the heir to the Gerber Baby fortune and I'm sure she'd find this cute as can be! A must-have for her supermodel baby's room.

Lastly, we have a shot from the picturesque Vera's Garden, near the Greenway on Lyndale. Really nicely-kept plot with wildflowers, tulips, bonzais, benches to warm yourself in the sun. Quite lovely and meditative.

Here's a pic from my recent walk. Could be considered a lovely scene or rather sinister? I couldn't decide, so you can decide for yourself.

Each day I'll post my findings and pics from my exciting travels to-and-from work. I never consider any day boring, just undiscovered adventures.

Yesterday on my way in, I got called "m'am" and was asked directions, which surprisingly, I gave without confusing the van driver more. I think of myself more as "miss" so please don't insult me that early in the day or I'll send you to Brooklyn Center!

Then I ran into a woman who was trying to corral her dog. While trying to get her terrier to come back inside her brownstone, I found out she got the dog from the Humane Society and he was rescued from a puppy mill. Ah...good feelings all over, well, sort of. He's probably insane and was kept in a closed room with horribly sanitary conditions. Good luck, lady on raising a little pooch like that in your little
apartment. She kept yelling his name to get him to come inside, like a crazy, mixed-up dog like that knows its new name? Hardly.