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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Views from the lounge at the Guthrie. You can see for miles and miles.

Things I saw on my ride the other night:
1. 2 shirtless men working in their yards. (different yards, that is)

2. A dead turtle.

3. A can of opened beans in the underpass on the Kenilworth bike path. Reminded me of Jitterbug Perfume. Who was chomping down some pork and beans under the bridge?

4. Super skinny man in all red bike getup. Can bike enthusiasts bike without all the silly looking gear?

5. Orange chair at Lazor flat pak house? Where'd you get that cool butterfly chair, Charlie? I gots to me one.

Friday, June 23, 2006

This tree came down during a recent storm. It looked to be about 100 years old and just snapped. When I got out to capture it on my digital camera, this old man saw me and asked if I wanted to get my picture taken in front of it, which I found odd but kind of cool.

I was out earlier tonight and I noticed several trends going on that I have to comment on. First, the faux hawk. Yes, it won't go away, but it should. But then again, men have limited hair options, so I guess they have to hold onto something seminally cool for as long as possible. Then there was the overload of ironic rock tees. I draw the line at men wearing unicorns and rainbows. It's just trying to hard. Then there was the moppy, greasy look. Why are boys resorting to bad, 70's style dos? There's got to be a better way. For the women, I guess it was those peasant tops that make you wonder if they're pregnant. Another surprising trend was the shaved head, severly cropped hair look. I give it up to the girls for having the moxie to pull it off. I have short hair and sometimes get shit but to go Sinead, skinhead ... it takes guts. I like to spend time watching those around me react to music and their friends. Sometimes it's way more interesting than the bands.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Very "Lord of the Rings" looking tree that I came across in Kenwood.

These two people have been strolling down the avenue, about 2 hours now, peddling water. Not sure why they are doing this or who's buying, but really, I wish they'd stop, as their yelling is rather obnoxious. What is this...a baseball game? "Get your ice cold water". If it's not the churchgoers bearing anti-war signs that produce hours of honking, now we have these people? Maybe if I go out there and buy up all of their stock they'll pack up shop and let me read in peace? I can only wish.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Spotted these young Hmong dancers around 9th and Hennepin for the Mosaic Festival. I complimented their flashy costumes. They told me they hand-sew them.

Right now, it's that "sweet light" time of day, when the United Methodist church in my neighborhood turns all these glorious shades of dark yellow and orange, that combined with the shadows -- it makes the church and its spires look like something right out of Medieval times. I'm looking right now and I see some people up near the belfry...how odd? I've never seen anyone up there before. Maybe if you become a member you get a sneak peak at the bells, like a members only perk? Some officials from that church kept calling me late last year, asking me to come to a service (trying to convert me or something?) because I was complaining on e-mail that their "no war" signs that they held on neon-colored posterboard were prompting too much honking along the avenue where I live and I liked to sleep in on a Sunday, so could they limit their peace demos to a new place and time? I don't think they appreciated that, but I'd burn in hell if I can catch a few more moments of shut eye on my day off. They've since stopped, so perhaps I converted them?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here's the inside of the Alligator Car Trunk that I got a sneak peak inside at the Minneapolis Mosaic Arts Festival. You might see this guy's art car driving around town, but the inside is even cooler. Framed pics, reptiles, rhinestones -- all around weird, cool, stuff. I spoke to the car owner briefly, this wacky art guy who concocted his machine, piece by piece. I was curious to know how much his car was worth, as he told he had to rebuild the engine again. He couldn't say, but let's just say, like one of those Kodak silly commercials...priceless. He probably thought I was some adjuster, but really, this car is one amazing piece of art on wheels. He loves to have people check it out.

It was an interesting weekend, indeed. I strolled home, past the Mpls Sculpture Garden to catch some of Catch the Flag, organized by Matt Bakkom. I happened upon a few hundred eager and anxious souls who were involved in the game. It was the adult version of hide-n-seek, and sanctioned from the powers that be, as they don't oftentimes let 200 people run around in there when it's dark. It was cool to see all these kids, the red and blue teams, running to-and-fro in the Garden, darting around, getting aggressive, getting into the spirit of the game. I caught two love-birds near the Cowles Garden making out, which is what I eagerly expected when you're trying to break out of the other team's prison.

I was heading home when some drunk man who kept telling me his name was Dean Koontz struck up a lively conversation with me. People here tend to keep to themselves so when some oddball does get chatty, I find it amusing. He wondered why the saying "cute as a button" exists...wondering if there are cute buttons. I didn't have an answer so I pondered and walked on. On my exit, the drunkard complimented me on my hair, so hey, I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I was on the bike trails today when I came across an interesting formation on this tree. Not sure what the bulbous matter is but it resembled broccoli.

I got a chance to stop at two beaches and trek through some really dense trails around Cedar Lake today. Prior to the nature spree, I took in Frank Big Bear's work at Todd Bockley's gallery in Kenwood. Amazing stuff. Go see www.bockleygallery.com for more info. Late last year I had the pleasure of seeing Frank's son's work at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. Star Wallowing Bull is his name and his work is equally as breathtaking. Both work in colored pencil and they utilize it in the most saturated and vibrant way.

Going back to the beaches note: Cedar Lake (southeast corner of the lake) is not bad, no lifeguard, a little rocky, but clean for a public beach and not too crowded. Hidden Beach was kind of full, and much to my dismay, no nudity or potsmoking, as it's so famous for. Hippie boys outnumber the women andI didn't spot too many little kids, if screaming and splashing are not your thing. I encountered several very secluded spots along the trails, where one could pull up a book and take it easy, which is just what I did on a dock where two young boys were fishing.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Does bimbo mean something different in Spanish? I saw this truck parked in front of a Mexican supermarket and found it funny and strange. Who's the marketing genius who said "Let's put a bear above the name Bimbo. That'll sell a ton of bakery items."

What's up with the people who honk needlessly at people on bikes? I mean, I don't take up that much space on the road and I obey all the road rules. I had some chick in a fat ass SUV honking like a nutjob at me tonight. It does rile me up but I don't want to go head to head with a dum-dum, so I try to pedal onward, snickering at the part where I can pedal faster than her white Escalade that cost her a mint. That's the best part when I beat someone to a light when I'm on just a mere hybrid two-wheeler. Put that in your gas tank and smoke it.